USING DATA TO SUPPORT AND STRENGTHEN OUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME INITIATIVES United Ways have considerable experiences using data to drive their impact work in education, income and health. A key element of the United Ways business model is developing strategies and focusing actions — doing this effectively requires access to good data, the ability to analyze and interpret this data, the capacity to use data to drive systemic and continuous improvements, and to evaluate and communicate results for individuals, programs, specific populations and entire communities. Like any education strategy, establishing and consistently using comprehensive data systems is essential to ensure that out-of-school time programs and large-scale initiatives are successful.

This toolkit can help you understand the uses of data for creating out-of-school time systems; consider the types of data that are essential to collect; connect you to resources from other United Ways and national organizations working on this issue; and consider ways that your United Way can strengthen out-of-school time data access, quality, and use in your community.